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Announcing: Our First Brewery FUNDRAISER.

Dirtbag Brewing Company branded stool for purchase

Starting January 2016, your first chance to get involved! (limited to 100 people)

I know, I know, When is the brewery going to open?! Although most breweries have big pocket investors assuring a steady cash flow to the grand opening, Dirtbag Brewing Company is raising money the old-fashioned way: one dollar at a time. This is a community brewery, the first of its kind in Michigan. As the money is raised, earned, found, and donated it is then invested directly back into the brewery costs.

THIS is your first opportunity to get involved and be a legend at Dirtbag Brewery FOREVER! It’s easy:

Step 1: Use the Link below to “Buy a Stool for the Brewery.”

Step 2: Write in the purchaser comments whatever you’d like engraved on your stool. This can be your name, a friend’s name, a nickname, or company name. The only limits are a 20 character max and no profanity.)

Step 3: We will make the stool, burn-engrave the edge with your personalized message, and put it in the pub for eternity for all to see, sit, and appreciate.

Step 4: Feel proud that you were one of the first 100 people involved toward building your community brewery. (pat self on back)

Our goal is to sell 100 Stools by March which will help us start breaking ground in the Spring. Tell your friends!

Buy and Donate a Dirtbag Bar Stool    |OR|    Buy a Dirtbag Bar Stool for Your Home

More ways to support…

We also have mugs and growlers for sale in limited quantities.


Stay tuned for more progress reports!

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