DirtBag Brewing Company

Author: Mandy Morgan

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Looking like a Brewery


The hard work and determination is paying off. After 6 months of back-breaking, sweating, grunting, labor, TWO men have built an amazing creation. You can see it from the road and the Kal-Haven trail now, a towering piece of beauty. Windows and doors next, along with electricity.

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Site Work Excavation Complete!

Some overdue Thank-Yous! Like every project moving forward, the excavation was a collaboration of hard working, helping hands. Thank you Gordon Henderson for the use of his dump truck, and Jerry Long for endless hours driving back and forth to fill in sand. Gillon’s Construction and Destruction who offered his CAT pan scraper at a discounted rate to even out that sand and prepare it for gravel.  R&S Gravel Company delivered almost 1200 tons (35 semi truck loads) of gravel in an endless train of semi’s. D&P Equipment rented us the end loader and bulldozer needed to haul and move 5 acres of topsoil and sand.  Ritterman’s Oil of Plainwell delivered diesel fuel to the site to keep the whole operation moving forward everyday. All said and done, the excavation project cost $32,500.  If you see any of these individuals, please shake their hand and offer a thank you. If you have a chance to patronize their business, please do so. The bills have slowly been chipped away at all winter and hopefully paid off by the end of this month. Next to come… framing!

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